NSQF- Board Bring-Up Engineer.pdf

Board Bring-Up Engineer

  • Job DescriptionThis unit is about dealing with industry standard practices, flows and tools involved in assembly, test, debug, and enablement of Telecom Hardware boards and make them ready for system integration and commissioning.  
  • CodeTEL/Q2302
  • SectorTelecom
  • NSQF LevelLevel 3
  • Notional Hours225
  • Accrediting BodiesTelecom Sector Skill Council
  • Certifying BodiesTelecom Sector Skill Council
  • Proposed Occupation

    Board Bring-Up Engineer

  • International Comparability


  • Progression Pathway

    Will give access to Board Bring-Up  Engineer Level 2

  • Qualification File NSQF- Board Bring-Up Engineer.pdf
  • Supporting Documents
  • Formal structure of the qualification
    Title of unit or other component Mandatory/ Optional Estimated size (Hours) Level
    TEL/N2307 (Telecom PCB Assembly and Testing) Mandatory 225 (Cumulative Notional Hour for all NOS) 3
    TEL/N2308 (Hardware-Software Bring-Up) Mandatory 3
    TEL/N2309 (Telecom PCB Repair and Maintenance) Mandatory 3
    TEL/N4121 (Maintain a Healthy, Safe and Secure Working Environment) Mandatory 3