QF - Homemade Agarbathi Maker.pdf

Homemade Agarbathi Maker

  • CodeNARQ30004
  • SectorHandicrafts & Carpets
  • NSQF LevelLevel 3
  • Notional Hours80
  • Accrediting BodiesNational Academy of RUDSETI, Bengaluru
  • Certifying BodiesNational Academy of RUDSETI, Bengaluru
  • Proposed Occupation

    This qualification will enable the trainee to establish a Incense Sticks (Agarbatti) Manufacturing Unit
    as his / her own undertaking. The unit will be able to produce a variety of perfumed Incense Sticks
    and allied products. The manufacturing can be done in parts (for certain operations like only rolling)
    or in full (entire product with packing). The unit can be expanded by installing machinery and also by
    employing skilled workers specialized in various operations such as rolling, applying perfumes,
    packing to attend to the increasing demands for specific type of incense sticks usable for different
    occasions. Besides skills in the field of Agarbathi making, the qualification will give access to the
    trainee to:
    1. Acquire and internalize the required Entrepreneurial Competencies (skill as well as attitude).
    2. Knowledge and techniques for identifying the business opportunities, selection of an entrepreneurial
    activity, launching of the venture and skills for managing a Micro Enterprise.
    3. Build confidence in one’s own abilities

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  • Progression Pathway

    This qualification will enable the trainees to become entrepreneur by setting up an incense sticks
    manufacturing unit. In due course they can expand the unit thereby providing employment to
    other skilled workers with specialization in specific works.

  • Qualification File QF - Homemade Agarbathi Maker.pdf
  • Supporting Documents
  • Formal structure of the qualification
    Title of unit or other component Mandatory/ Optional Estimated size (Hours) Level
    A - Entrepreneurship Mandatory 12 3
    1. Knowledge of self-confidence , attitude
    2. Entrepreneurial competencies
    3. Banking, insurance , financial accountancy and management
    4. Legal aspects ,regulatory aspects of SMEs
    B – Technical Knowledge Mandatory 28 3
    5. Introduction to Incense Sticks manufacturing – Raw materials, different processes, machinery etc.
    6. Knowledge about different forms of Agarbattis such as Agarbatti sticks, Loban, Dhoops, Agarbatti tubes.
    Technical Skills Mandatory 48 4
    7. Preparation of Powder (Mix) for Agarbatti making.
    8. Selection of proper sticks and rolling of required thickness.
    9. Ability to roll the scented masala dough onto sticks for obtaining required thickness.
    10. Drying, Counting and Packing of finished goods.
    11. Ability to take safety measures while working.
    Core Skills Mandatory 12 4
    12. Business Opportunity Identification
    13. Market Survey and Business Plan Development
    14. Planning and Risk Assessment
    15. Problem solving
    16. Time management
    17. Communication
    18. Business Management skills
    Admission & Examination Mandatory 4 -
    Total Duration of the Course 104 -