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Code : PSS/Q2011 NSQF Level : Level 4 Notional Hours : 300 Sector : Power
Code : PSS/Q 0103 NSQF Level : Level 5 Notional Hours : 330 Sector : Power

The incumbent in the job will oversee and carryout inspections, also perform repair and maintenance of poles, overhead and underground powerlines and cables, substations, etc. They attend to customer breakdown complaints and requests, releasing and restoring connections. They lead a team of linemen and technical helpers in conducting the above work.  

Code : PSS/ Q 0101 NSQF Level : Level 2 Notional Hours : 400 Sector : Power

The incumbent in the job will carry our equipment upkeep, material and equipment transportation, cable laying and other activities to support erection and maintenance of power poles, structures, overhead and underground powerlines and cables, etc. They will help in fixing nuts and bolts and other mechanical support to the Lineman as well.  

Code : PSS/Q3003 NSQF Level : Level 4 Notional Hours : 350 Sector : Power

The individual at work inspects the defect/condition of distribution transformer and takes up its repair to make it functional in the work shop.

NSQF Level : Level 4 Notional Hours : 3865 Sector : Power

Wireman, Light and Power installs various kinds of electrical wiring such as cleat, conduit, casing, concealed etc. in houses, factories, workshops and other establishments for light and power supply. Studies diagram and plan of wiring and marks light, power and other points accordingly. Fixes wooden pegs, sizes tubes, saws casings, etc. by common carpentry fitting and other processes, according to type of wiring needed. Erects switch boards and fixes switch box casings cleats, conduits ceiling roses, switches, meters etc. according to type and plan of wiring. Draws wire in two way or three-way wiring system as prescribed and makes electrical connections through plugs and switches to different points exercising great care for safety and avoiding short circuit and earthing at any stage of wiring. Fixes fuses and covers as per diagram and insulates all naked wires at diversions and junctions to eliminate chances of short circuit and earthing. Fits light brackets, holders, shades, tube and mercury lights, fans etc, and makes electrical connection as necessary. Tests checks installed wiring for leakage and continuity using megger, removes faults if any and certifies wiring as correct for connecting mains. Checks existing wiring for defects and restores current supply by replacing defective switches, plug sockets, blown fuse etc. or removing short circuits and faulty wiring as necessary. May repair simple electrical domestic appliances.