The National Qualifications Register is the official national public record of all qualifications aligned to NSQF levels, qualification pathways and accrediting authorities.  It gives learners and other users of qualifications access to all the qualifications registered and currently on offer.  The NSQF Register will be available on this web portal and regularly updated and the NSQF Notification proposes for an extension of the Register which allows every institution offering an NSQF-aligned qualification to enter details of its training programs and keep them updated on the portal.

The Register is designed to be of use to learners, employers, awarding bodies, training providers, schools, colleges, government agencies and their partners. It will facilitate access to and retrieval of information on all qualifications in the NSQF through a full search facility. 

The process for including a qualification in the NSQF will involve the qualification development body submitting a completed Qualification File to National Council for Vocational Education & Training (NCVET) (Erstwhile NSDA) for evaluation and approval by the NSQC.


The information about qualifications which is brought together in the Qualification File and recorded in the National Qualifications Register will allow learners and employers to understand the detail of the qualification, especially the outcomes which are assessed, how they are assessed and how this is quality assured, and the opportunities for employment, advancement or access to further stages of education and training which the qualifications offer.Bodies awarding qualifications in the NSQF will publish further information of this kind to ensure transparency.

The Register will allow searches, for example, search for:

  • Qualifications (by title, type, occupation/sector, job role, level)
  • Component of qualification (by title, type, occupation, job role, level)
  • Occupational sector/Discipline

Maintaining the Register

The National Qualifications Register will have different kinds and levels of access.  Access for the public will be read-only access to the information about the qualifications.