46. QF_D_man Mechanical_CTS2.0_NSQF-4.pdf


  • Job DescriptionThe Individual will be able to prepare drawings of machines, plants, mechanical components, equipments etc. from sketches, notes, data or sample for purposes of manufacture or repairs etc.
  • Originally Approved22th NSQC Meeting 25/08/2022
  • Last Revised-
  • Code2022/CCM/DGT/06209
  • SectorCapital Goods & Manufacturing
  • Notional Hours2700
  • Accrediting BodiesDirectorate General of Training (DGT) accredits the Training providers (ITIs/ NSTIs/ MSTIs/ BTCs/ BTPs / Industries / Establishments).
  • Certifying BodiesDirectorate General of Training (DGT).
  • Proposed Occupation

    ● Draughtsman – Mechanical

  • Progression Pathway

    An Individual can proceed for:

    ● Draughtsman Mechanical
    ● Senior Draughtsman
    ● Supervisor
    ● Manager
    ● Entrepreneur Technical / Academic


  • Planned arrangements for RPL

    ● Yes (For more details refer “Guidelines for Private candidate” in DGT website MIS portal).

  • Qualification File 46. QF_D_man Mechanical_CTS2.0_NSQF-4.pdf
  • Supporting Documents
  • Formal structure of the qualification
    Title of unit or other component Estimated size (Hours) Level
    Construct different Geometrical figures using drawing Instruments following safety precautions. (CSC/NO402) 146 4
    Draw orthographic Projections giving proper dimensioning with title block and heading using appropriate line type and scale. (CSC/NO402) 75 4
    Construct free hand sketches of simple machine parts with correct proportions. (CSC/NO402) 21 4
    Construct plain scale, comparative scale, diagonal scale and vernier scale. (CSC/NO402) 21 4
    Draw Sectional views showing orthographic projections. (CSC/NO402) 42 4
    Develop surface and interpenetration of solid in orthographic projection. (CSC/NO402) 102 4
    Draw isometric projection from orthographic views (and vice-versa) anddraw oblique projection from orthographic views. (CSC/NO402) 102 4
    Draw and indicate the specification of different types of fasteners, welds and locking devices as per SP-46:2003(CSC/NO402) 160 4
    Acquire basic knowledge on tools and equipment of Allied trades viz. Fitter, Turner, Machinist, Sheet Metal Worker, Welder, Foundry man, Electrician and Maintenance Motor Vehicles. (CSC/NO402) 160 4
    Construct different types of gears, couplings and bearings with tolerance dimension and indicating surface finish symbol. (CSC/NO402) 146 4
    Perform computer application and Create 2D objects on CAD drawing space using commands from ribbon, menu bar, toolbars and by typing in command prompt. (CSC/NO402) 61 4
    Demonstrate basic mathematical concept and principles to perform practical operations. Understand and explain basic science in the field of study. (CSC/NO402) 34 4
    Construct projection views of geometrical figures with dimension and annotation on CAD in model space and viewport in layout space. (CSC/NO402) 144 4
    Draw in CAD detail and assembly drawing of machine parts viz., Pulleys, Pipe fittings, Gears and Cams applying range of cognitive and practical skills. (CSC/NO402) 190 4
    Construct drawing of engine parts with detailed and assembly in template layout applying quality concept in CAD. (CSC/NO402) 145 4
    Create 3D solid by switching to 3D modeling workspace in CAD, generate views, Print Preview and Plotting. (CSC/NO402) 58 4
    Construct detailed and assembled drawing applying conventional sign & symbolsusing CAD. (CSC/NO402) 350 4
    Prepare drawing of machinepart by measuring with gauges and measuring instruments. 28 4
    Draw a machine shop layout considering process path and ergonomics (human factor). (CSC/NO402) 26 4
    Create and plot assembly and detail views of machine part with Dimensions, Annotations, Title Block and Bill of materials in SolidWorks/AutoCAD Inventor/ 3D Modeling. (CSC/NO402) 145 4
    Create production drawing of machine part. (CSC/NO402) 31 4
    Demonstrate basic mathematical concept and principles to perform practical operations. Understand and explain basic science in the field of study (CSC/NO402) 24 4
    Introduction to Employability Skills
    Constitutional values - Citizenship
    Becoming a Professional in the 21st Century
    Basic English Skills
    Career Development & Goal Setting
    Communication Skills
    Diversity & Inclusion
    Financial and Legal Literacy
    Essential Digital Skills
    Customer Service
    Getting Ready for Apprenticeship & Jobs
    On the Job Training (OJT)/ Group Project 300
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