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Air Cargo Management Executive

  • Job DescriptionAir Cargo Management Executive is someone who coordinates and facilitates, expedite and route movement of incoming and outgoing cargo and freight shipments in airlines/Cargo agencies. They typically work in warehouses, stockrooms, or shipping and receiving stations. They facilitate shipments of goods and take orders from customers and arrange pickup of freight and cargo for delivery to loading platform. They also ensure that paperwork is completed, and fee is collected. Air Cargo Management Executive can opt to work with Airlines, Cargo Agency or become an Entrepreneur by starting IATA recognised Cargo agency firms. Also based on their skills they can join with Sales or with Operations Team in Cargo or in Airlines. Air Cargo Management Executive (Operations) keep track of the number luggage and has to ensure that all cargo or luggage is properly and securely strapped into the compartments. If a flight is overbooked, the Air Cargo Management Executive Operations must make decisions to remedy the situation in a way that will not negatively impact the schedule. He/she should works very closely with ramp personnel and the airport station manager for reporting and dissemination of information regarding airport activities and facility conditions, safety and hazards, and information services to the public. Should be able to deal with different types of cargo like DGR, Live animals and Valuables like currencies. Hence he/she should have a thorough knowledge about handling instructions, tracking of cargo and collection of proof of delivery. Air Cargo Management Executive (Sales) shall work with appointed Airlines/Cargo Agencies to introduce the cargo product in the market as a General Sales Agent and maintain sales and high standard of service to customers, control of cargo operations, recommend, implement and effectively control pricing, manage employees in compliance with the company’s regulations, policies and procedures. He should be able to negotiate agreements and resolves potential issues or problems with clients and expands existing or current customer base by recognizing and involving top cargo agents within the area. Other major tasks include required budget assistance, payment processing and staff scheduling
  • Originally Approved
  • Last Revised
  • Code2019/AA/ASAP/02925
  • SectorTransportation, Logistics & Warehousing
  • NSQF LevelLevel 6
  • Notional Hours450
  • Accrediting BodiesAdditional Skill Acquisition Programme
  • Certifying BodiesAdditional Skill Acquisition Programme
  • Proposed Occupation

    The candidate who successfully completes the
    course can join with either Airlines or with Cargo
    Agency as Air Cargo Management Executive.
    He/she can also start a small IATA recognised
    Cargo agency firms in Import/Export air cargo
    Candidate with extra ordinary brilliance may
    be acquired by Airlines directly into the
    above mentioned job role after successful
    completion of course

  • International Comparability

    1.Diploma in Air Cargo Management Zabeel
    International ,Institute of Management & Technology, Dubai, UAE
    2. Diploma in Air Cargo and Logistics Management
    offered by Skyline University College (SUC),
    University City of Sharjah.
    3. Air Cargo Management Skill Course offered by
    Strategic Aviation Solutions International’s (SASI)
    affiliated to the UK’s Chartered Institute of
    Logistics and Transport (CILT)
    4. New Zealand Certificate in Aviation (Ground
    Handling) (Level 3) with strands in Air Cargo, and
    Ramp Operations
    5. Certificate programme in Export and Import
    Management by South African Qualifications
    6. Certificate II in Aviation (Flight Operations-Cargo
    Services) offered by Australian Government,
    Department of Education and Training.
    7. Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) in Aviation
    Management, by TheUniversity of
    8. Diploma in International Freight Management
    offered by Logistics Academy under the Singapore
    Logistics Association (SLA).
    9. Course in Shipping, Cargo and Containerisation
    offered by Institute of Supply and Materials
    Management (ISMM), Sri Lanka.
    10. Diploma in Air Cargo Services offered by Kenya
    Institute of Project Management & Technology in

  • Progression Pathway

    The graduate candidate who successfully completes the
    qualification (Please course will be immediately placed in a job role called show
    Professional and Air Cargo Management Executive. He/she can either
    academic progression)opt to work with Airlines, Cargo Agency or become an
    Entrepreneur by starting IATA recognised Cargo agency firms. An Air Cargo
    Management Executive based on their skills can join in either Operations or in Sales
    department in both Airlines and in Cargo Agency. If
    the Communication skills of the candidate is more
    he can opt for Sales progressing to Manager Job
    role and if the Arithmetic/Analytic skills of the
    person is more he can opt for Operations
    progressing to Manager Job role.

    Professional Progression:
    1)If the trainee is working with Airlines or with Cargo
    Agency the career progression in SALES field will

    2)If the trainee is working with Airlines or with Cargo
    Agency the career progression in OPERATIONS field will

    Academic Progression:
    This qualification does not lead directly onto another
    qualification but can help them to register and pass the
    professional exams conducted by IATA/DGCA i.e Basic
    Introductory course to Advanced course in Cargo
    Management, DGR all category from 1-8 level course.

  • Planned arrangements for RPL

    Candidates applying for RPL will have to remit an
    application fee. RPL is carried out in three stages: (i) Prescreening
    (ii) Assessment (iii) Certification. Initial screening
    of the candidate based on the application submitted will be
    done by ASAP. If skill gap is found, a maximum of 40 hours
    skill training will be provided to candidates prior to
    attending RPL with a training
    fee decided by ASAP. Assessment will be carried out by
    Board of Skill Assessment assigned by Curriculum
    Committee, ASAP and successful candidates will be
    awarded certification against the prescribed job role.

  • Qualification File QF Air Cargo Management Executive.pdf
  • Supporting Documents
  • Formal structure of the qualification
    Title of unit or other component Estimated size (Hours) Level
    1)Transportation Industry 10 6
    2)Introduction to Air Transportation Industry 15 6
    3) Aviation Geography (Indian Geography & World Geography) 60 6
    4) Air Cargo Concept 10 6
    5) Cargo Rates 35 7
    6)Documentation 35 6
    7)ULD Management 5 6
    8) Special Cargo Handling 18 7
    9) Handling Cargo in Airport 30 6
    10)Courier as Cargo 6 5
    11) Air Safety 6 5
    12) Concept of an IATA Cargo Agent 10 7
    13) Air Cargo-Sales & Marketing 10 6
    14)Communications Skills 50 5
    15)Internship 150 6
    Total 450
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