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Bioinformatics Associate/Analyst

  • Job DescriptionBioinformatics Associate is also known as Bioinformatics Analyst or Computational Biologist. He/she creates mathematical models, develops dynamic simulations and performs pattern analysis of biological systems. The person is also responsible for the design of databases. He/she implements algorithms for data processing to identify and classify components of a biological system. The individual performs collection, storage and archival of primary data. He/she is expected to use machine learning for analysis of biological data, in consultation with Bioinformatics Scientist, researchers and other cross-functional stakeholders.
  • Originally Approved25th NSQC meeting - June 2020
  • Last Revised
  • Code2020/LS/LSSSDC/03777
  • SectorLife Sciences
  • NSQF LevelLevel 4
  • Notional Hours1000
  • Accrediting BodiesLife Sciences Sector Skill Development Council
  • Certifying BodiesLife Sciences Sector Skill Development Council
  • Proposed Occupation

    Bioinformatics Associate/Analyst

  • International Comparability

    While preparing the NOSs, a detailed secondary desk research was conducted. The European, South African and Australian NOSs were referred to. The relevant International NOSs for the job role are listed below for reference
    UK NOS
    •COGBIO-04 Develop algorithms and pipelines for the analysis of life science data
    •COGBIO-05 Carry out computational analysis of life science-related data
    •COGBIO-03 Prepare life science data for computational analysis
    •COGBIO-01 Store, archive and curate data from life science-related experiments
    •COGLS309 Make presentations in the workplace for life sciences and related industries
    •COGLS323 Write reports for activities in life sciences
    •SFHPHARM23 check documentation and materials
    •COGLS2 Maintain effective and efficient working relationships
    Australia NOS
    •Communicate workplace information
    •Participate in work teams and groups
    South Africa NOS
    •Act in accordance with ethical and legal codes of pharmaceutical representation and the laws of the country

  • Progression Pathway

    Bioinformatics Scientist (Level 5)

  • Planned arrangements for RPL

    Process to award the qualification via RPL mode and detailed methodology is given in point No.22

  • Qualification File Qualification File.pdf
  • Supporting Documents
  • Formal structure of the qualification
    Title of unit or other component Estimated size (Hours) Level
    Orientation for Bioinformatics Occupation 22:00 Bridge Module
    LFS/N3105 Formulate a series of computer-based algorithms for data management of large repository of biological samples 352:00 4
    LFS/N3106 Use statistical tool and programming scripts for data mining and data transformation 416:00 4
    LFS/N3107 Perform Data Delivery and Reporting 130:00 4
    SSC/N9001 Manage your work to meet requirements 40:00 4
    LFS/N0107 Coordinate with Supervisors and Other Cross-functional team members 40:00 4
    Total 1000 4
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