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House Aaya

  • Originally Approved
  • Last Revised
  • Code2017/HT/RSETI/01878
  • SectorDomestic Worker
  • NSQF LevelLevel 3
  • Notional Hours104
  • Accrediting BodiesNational Academy of RUDSETI, Bengaluru
  • Certifying BodiesNational Academy of RUDSETI, Bengaluru
  • Proposed Occupation

    This qualification will enable the trainee to establish himself/herself as a qualified House Aaya (home based care take of children and/or elderly persons)

     Besides skills in the field of, the qualification will give access to the trainee to:

    1. Acquire and internalize the required Entrepreneurial Competencies (skill as well as attitude).
    2. Acquire expertise in assisting client who is partly self-sufficient or non-self-sufficient to carry out the tasks of daily hygiene and dressing/undressing, taking into account the degree of self- sufficiency, constraint and privacy, in order to put the client at ease and meet the elder’s personal care needs

    Build confidence in one’s own abilities

  • International Comparability


  • Progression Pathway

    This qualification will enable the trainees to become Self Employed by establishing himself/herself as a well-qualified House Aaya to provide the services of an expert personal care taker to assist their client to lead a comfortable life.

  • Qualification File QF-Home Aaya.pdf
  • Supporting Documents
  • Formal structure of the qualification
    Title of unit or other component Mandatory/ Optional Estimated size (Hours) Level
    1. Importance of Self Employment & developing self confidence Mandatory 16 3
    2. Entrepreneurial competencies Mandatory 16 3
    3. Banking, insurance and management Mandatory 16 3
    4. Legal aspects ,regulatory aspects of SMEs Mandatory 16 3
    5. Basic Principles of House Aaya Mandatory 40 3
    6. Characteristics and responsibilities of Home based Care Giver Mandatory 40 3
    7. Know how to assist client who is partly self-sufficient or non-self-sufficient to carry out the tasks of daily hygiene Mandatory 40 3
    8. Clearly understand the basic responsibilities and desirable results for the activity being undertaken Mandatory 40 3
    9. Knowledge of the Client and his/her family Mandatory 40 3
    10. Get acquainted with the basic culture, tradition and lifestyle of the family Mandatory 40 3
    11. Know the codes of practice, standards, frameworks and guidance relevant to his/her work Mandatory 40 3
    12. Clearly understand his/her own roles and responsibilities and limitations Mandatory 40 3
    13. Correctly know whom he/she must report to at work Mandatory 40 3
    14. Able to appreciate the roles and responsibilities of other people with whom he/she works with Mandatory 40 3
    15. Assist the client in daily activities and tasks Mandatory 32 3
    16. Assist the client with personal hygiene tasks, depending on the client’s degree of ability Mandatory 32 3
    17. Assist the client with routine bodily functions (toileting) with due respect to the client’s constraint and privacy Mandatory 32 3
    18. Act as a companion or a friend to provide emotional support Mandatory 32 3
    19. Oral Communication (Listening and Speaking skills) Mandatory 12 3
    20. Decision Making Mandatory 12 3
    21. Plan and Organize Mandatory 12 3
    22. Time management skills Mandatory 12 3
    23. Customer Centricity Mandatory 12 3
    24. Problem Solving Mandatory 12 3
    Admission & Examination Mandatory 4 -
    Total Duration of the Course - 104 -
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