Assistant Technician-Drilling (Oil & Gas)_NSQF.pdf

Assistant Technician-Drilling (Oil & Gas)

  • Job DescriptionThe Technician-Drilling (Oil & Gas) is to carry out the drilling operation task like Rig building, Rig dismantling, Top man operation, Rig floor, operation, cementation job and other drilling activities and operate Drill floor operations to drill shallow as well as deep holes for exploring and exploiting Oil & Gas. This operation is a specialized task that can be safely perform only with adequate training and experience. The individual should have knowledge for performing basic maintainance of the machine.
  • Originally Approved
  • Last Revised
  • Code2017/HYC/HSSCI/02032
  • SectorHydrocarbon
  • NSQF LevelLevel 4
  • Notional Hours1000
  • Accrediting BodiesHydrocarbon Sector Skill Council
  • Certifying BodiesHydrocarbon Sector Skill Council
  • Proposed Occupation

    This Qualification give the access to learners in the occupation of Oil & Natural Gas exploration and production

  • International Comparability

    Study for the international comparability is yet to be done, however during desk research, qualification is mapped with the Qualification of different countries, which is as follows

    S No

    Country with Comparability





    Oil and gas well drillers, servicers, testers and related workers




    Rotary Drill Operators, Oil and Gas Extraction


  • Progression Pathway

    An individual may progress as Senior Technician - Drilling (Oil & Gas)

  • Planned arrangements for RPL

    Yes, the details of RPL process is mentioned in assessment section of this Q-file

  • Qualification File Assistant Technician-Drilling (Oil & Gas)_NSQF.pdf
  • Supporting Documents
  • Formal structure of the qualification
    Title of unit or other component Mandatory/ Optional Estimated size (Hours) Level
    HYC/N 0101 Perform Drilling Operation Mandatory 1000 4
    HYC/N 0102 Occupational health and safety (OHAS) Mandatory 1000 4
    HYC/N 0103 Working effectively with colleagues and supervisor Mandatory 1000 4
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