CCTV Video Footage Auditor Q-File 16th August.pdf

CCTV Video Footage Auditor

  • Job DescriptionA CCTV Video Footage Auditor audits, reviews, examines, and minutely inspects CCTV footage daily, at periodic intervals, as per set guidelines, SOPs, and situational awareness. Using specialized CCTV video footage auditing and investigation tools, the auditor ‘looks out’ for exceptions, process violations, abnormalities, performance lapses, behavioral patterns, potential threats, risks, and so on. The auditor de-bugs bytes of visual information and multi-tasks by comparing past incidents. The auditor joins the dots to gain actionable intelligence, and reports the audit findings/ incidents in standardized formats. Part of the job description includes the appropriate tagging of relevant audit findings/incidents and creating well categorized institutional libraries that can quickly be referred to in the future, backing up CCTV video footage at multiple locations for the purpose of disaster recovery, as well as providing business intelligence that accrues from reporting audit findings and incidents using standardized templates.
  • Originally Approved21th NSQC Meeting 28th July 2022
  • Last Revised-
  • Code2022/SEC/MEPSC/06149
  • SectorPrivate Security
  • NSQF LevelLevel 4
  • Notional Hours390
  • Accrediting BodiesManagement & Entrepreneurship and Professional Skills Council (MEPSC)
  • Certifying BodiesManagement &Entrepreneurship and Professional Skills Council (MEPSC)
  • Proposed Occupation

    CCTV Video Footage Auditor

  • International Comparability

    As per our research, currently there are 2 countries – UK and Saudi Arabia which have National Occupational Standards (NOS) for ‘CCTV Observers’.

    UK -

    Saudi Arabia -

    India already has a NOS/QP for a CCTV ‘Supervisor’. However, none of these NOS/QP are anywhere close to the CCTV Video Footage Auditor NOS/QP.

  • Progression Pathway

    Security Officer

  • Planned arrangements for RPL

    RPL assessment will be as per normal MEPSC assessment process. (MEPSC recognizes that there may be candidates who have prior learning experience in CCTV systems and are desirous of being certified. Such candidates can apply to MEPSC for testing and certification of their skills. Training Partners will be responsible for identifying and counselling candidates for RPL through mobilization camps and advertisements.
    The details of the RPL process have been defined by MEPSC under the document- Guidelines for Recognition of
    Prior Learning under PMKVY)

  • Qualification File CCTV Video Footage Auditor Q-File 16th August.pdf
  • Supporting Documents
  • Formal structure of the qualification
    Title of unit or other component Estimated size (Hours) Level
    Introduction to Skill India Mission and the role of CCTV Video Footage Auditor 4
    MEP/N7205Audit CCTV video footage 160 4
    MEP/N7206:Reporting and documentation 43 4
    MEP/N7207: Back up CCTV video footage 47 4
    MEP/N0216: Use computers to store, retrieve and communicate information 52 4
    MEP/N9915: Communicate with clients and colleagues effectively 28 4
    MEP/N9912: Apply principles of professional practice at the workplace 32 4
    MEP/N9903: Apply health and safety practices at the workplace 24 4
    Total 390
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