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Code : 2020/APR/DGT/03927 NSQF Level : Level 4 Notional Hours : 320 Sector : Apparel

The individual will be able to undertake Aari and Zardosi Embroidery work using different kinds of Aari embroidery stitches & effects such as Filling Stitches, Zari thread work, French Knot, Honey Comb, Stitches with mirrors, beads, Full and Half tubes, Patch Work, Cut work, Rope Work, etc. as well as uses decorative stones to fix for embellishments.

Code : FAD-901 NSQF Level : Level 5 Notional Hours : 1140 Sector : Apparel
Code : 2021/APR/AMHSSC/04770 NSQF Level : Level 5 Notional Hours : 500 Sector : Apparel

RPL assessment will be as per normal AMHSSC assessment process. (AMHSSC recognizes that there may be candidates who have prior learning experience in the Apparel Sector and are desirous of being certified. Such candidates can apply to AMHSSC for testing and certification of their skills. Training Partners will be responsible for identifying and counselling candidates for RPL through mobilization camps and advertisements. The details of the RPL process have been defined by AMHSSC under the document- Guidelines for Recognition of Prior Learning under PMKVY).

Code : 2018/APR/DGT/02244 NSQF Level : Level 3 Notional Hours : 360 Sector : Apparel
NSQF Level : Level 4 Notional Hours : 1140 Sector : Apparel
NSQF Level : Level 4 Notional Hours : 1140 Sector : Apparel
Code : 2018/APR/DGT/02156 NSQF Level : Level 4 Notional Hours : 1040 Sector : Apparel


Code : 2018/APR/DGT/02241 NSQF Level : Level 4 Notional Hours : 520 Sector : Apparel
Code : FAD-704 NSQF Level : Level 2 Notional Hours : 500 Sector : Apparel
Code : 2018/APR/DGT/02753 NSQF Level : Level 4 Notional Hours : 1040 Sector : Apparel

Apparel Pattern Maker (CAD/CAM) uses the CAD system to recreate the pattern design techniques by transferring ideas to the computer, digitizing and modifying patterns and also the use of CAM to get the patterns and lays cut out in the actual sizes.

Code : 2018/APR/DGT/02242 NSQF Level : Level 4 Notional Hours : 1040 Sector : Apparel

Quality Assessor should be able to carry out Quality control/Quality assurance processes, understanding product and processes required at various stages of production for meeting the expectations of final customers.

Code : 2021/APR/AMHSSC/04763 NSQF Level : Level 4 Notional Hours : 800 Sector : Apparel

The assistant designer primarily aids the fashion designer in creation of design range. He/she does hands on work to turn ideas into actual products. Some of their duties involve market study, perceiving trends underline, predict and forecast trends setting in for forthcoming season, identify theme, create mood board based on theme, develop designs for entire range of products in relation to the theme and subsequently to generate techpack for each style within the range of products. Finally, to work with team to develop a prototype based on techpack.

Code : 2022/APR/JSS/05578 NSQF Level : Level 2 Notional Hours : 240 Sector : Apparel

The skills acquired will enable the person to stitch dresses for men, women and children. The job include knowledge about various types of cloth, pattern making, stitches, cutting and sewing / designing apparels as per market trend. The person is also able to carry outalteration and correction work as per customer demand. The person will be able to do job work / start their own shop in local market.

Code : 2018/APR/DGT/02758 NSQF Level : Level 3 Notional Hours : 520 Sector : Apparel

Master Cutter (Garments) measures customers and cuts parts of garment from cloth for making garment of required size and style. Measures customers for size with inch-tape and records measurements. Cuts out paper patterns with given measurements. Places patterns on cloth and marks around with pencil. Cuts various parts along marked lines and gives them for stitching. Supervises stitching and making of garments. Tries garment, when prepared, on customer and marks with chalk any alterations to be made. Supervises making and finishing work and finally fits garment on customer.

Code : 2021/APR/AMHSSC/04548 NSQF Level : Level 6 Notional Hours : 615 Sector : Apparel

Boutique Manager is a skilled designer with business acumen for managing shop to make fashion wear, made ups and home furnishings. The job involves thorough understanding of designs, being aware of latest trends, ability to convince clients for a design, capable of pattern making and skilled in stitching. Boutique manager also motivate and inspire their team to achieve productivity and sales goals to assure a great customer experience and optimum profitability

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