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Code : 2018/BFSI /DGT/02761 NSQF Level : Level 3 Notional Hours : 300 Sector : BFSI

Mutual Fund Associate report to a fund manager and is responsible for doing much of the research and market analysis that helps the fund manager make savvy investment decisions for clients, according to Investopedia. Fund associate work for wealthy individuals, banks and investing firms or companies which offer pension funds for their employees, among others. To research current market developments and new investment opportunities, model and predict future financial trends and culminate their knowledge and research into market reports for fund managers or clients.

Code : 2018/BFSI/IAF/02276 NSQF Level : Level 6 Notional Hours : 600 Sector : BFSI

Gives “On Job” instructions to his team apart from undertaking NPF accounting, Organising of Pay Parade, possess Inventory holder. Details given at Annexure- III

Code : 2018/BFSI /DGT/02760 NSQF Level : Level 3 Notional Hours : 480 Sector : BFSI

To manage administrative tasks. - To conduct market research. -To communicate with customers and develop    healthy organizational relation -To gather and analyze consumer behavior data. -To create Accounts related reports. -To assist with organizing promotional events.

Code : 2018/BFSI/IAF/02278 NSQF Level : Level 8 Notional Hours : 1200 Sector : BFSI

A tradesmen with USTAD category possess the highest level of trade knowledge and skill. Starting his service career at 10+2 level, on completion of 15 years of service in the IAF is deemed to have completed graduation in humanities (BA/B Com) as authorised vide GOI/DOPT/15012/82 (Est-D) dated 12 Feb 1986. They also undergo knowledge upgrade course called WOLC.