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NSQF Level : Level 3 Notional Hours : 1300 Sector : Apparel
NSQF Level : Level 4 Notional Hours : 780 Sector : Apparel
Code : 2015/APR/AMHSSC/00245 NSQF Level : Level 6 Notional Hours : 360 Sector : Apparel

An Industrial Engineer is responsible for determining most effective ways to create a product or service in sewing line.Theirwork includes analysis of the sewing method & process, machineand supervision of production floor for efficiency improvement.

Code : 2018/APR/DGT/02752 NSQF Level : Level 3 Notional Hours : 360 Sector : Apparel

Industrial Sewing Machine Operator,; Stitcher Machine (Textile and Fur products) operates sewing machine to join pieces of cloth, hosiery fabric, canvas, fur and leather for making garments, bags, upholstery and other textile and fur products. Places spools of required type and colour of thread and winds bobbins on machine. Draws thread under tension spring and through guides into eye of needle. Adjusts tension on thread and sets number of stitches per inch if necessary. Raises pressure foot of machine to admit material to be sewed and lowers pressure foot on material. Starts machine and guides material to be sewed under needle of machine. Observes stitches while sewing. Stops machine, breaks and cuts threads and removes sewed material. Replaces empty spool and bobbin with full ones as and when necessary. Cleans and oils machine. May remove minor faults and assist in repairs and overhauling of sewing machine. May set and attach special gadgets to machine for having special type of stitches.

Code : GAR504 NSQF Level : Level 3 Notional Hours : 360 Sector : Apparel

Mechanic Industrial Sewing Machine;, Repairman examines, adjusts repairs and services sewing machines for proper performance. Examines faulty machines to ascertain nature and location of defects. Dismantles machine partly or completely to remove damaged and worn out parts. Repairs defective parts or obtains replacements. Assembles parts and tests machine for desired performance by making necessary adjustments of position of screws, nuts, levers, needle bar, rockers, etc. Stitches, trial piece of cloth and makes further adjustments, if necessary. Cleans and oils machine periodically for smooth performance

Code : 2015/APR/AMHSSC/00520 NSQF Level : Level 3 Notional Hours : 360 Sector : Apparel

An In-Line checker is an important job-role associated with Apparel sector. The primary responsibility of a checker is to identify the faults in the fabrics, cut components and garment parts through visual inspection.

Code : 2018/APR/DGT/02754 NSQF Level : Level 4 Notional Hours : 600 Sector : Apparel

Jacket, Jodhpuri & Sherwani Maker drafts & cut the fabric and stich the required as per the measurements provided.

Code : 2018/HC/WB/02394 NSQF Level : Level 3 Notional Hours : 650 Sector : Apparel
Code : 2015/APR/AMHSSC/00237 NSQF Level : Level 3 Notional Hours : 120 Sector : Apparel

A Layerman is pre-production job role. The key responsibility of a Layer Man is to inspect the fabric to identify the presence of any basic fabric faults, laying and cutting the fabric as per specified length before the fabric is passed on to the parts cutting stage.

Code : 2016/APR/AMHSSC/01496 NSQF Level : Level 5 Notional Hours : 720 Sector : Apparel

Line in-charge or Line Supervisor (stitching) is responsible for monitoring production, quality and smooth running of assembly line composed of many stitchers working in team.

Code : 2015/APR/AMHSSC/00526 NSQF Level : Level 5 Notional Hours : 540 Sector : Apparel

A sewing machine maintenance mechanic is responsible for conducting regular preventive maintenance procedures to ensure the machines are in good condition & function smoothly, as well as trouble shoot machine associated problems and change machine parts as and when required.

Code : 2015/APR/AMHSSC/00521 NSQF Level : Level 4 Notional Hours : 270 Sector : Apparel

As Measurement Checker,the individual inspects the accuracy of the dimensions of the stitched parts and the finished apparel. The primary responsibility of a Measurement checker is to measure all the dimension of the apparel and ensure they are free from defects.

Code : 2017/APR/RSETI/01839 NSQF Level : Level 4 Notional Hours : 240 Sector : Apparel
Code : 2015/APR/AMHSSC/0243 NSQF Level : Level 5 Notional Hours : 540 Sector : Apparel

The Merchandiser plays a major role right from order booking process to Shipment. The critical role of merchandising department can be divided into three major heads: Order Booking Process, Product Development Process and Pre – Production Process.

Code : 2016/APR/AMHSSC/01485 NSQF Level : Level 5 Notional Hours : 540 Sector : Apparel

Merchandiser (Made-up & Home Furnishing) plays major role right from the process beginning with strategic planning to execution of plan from order bookingtofinal shipment. The span of tasks for merchandiser involves getting the right merchandise, in the right place, at the right time, in the right quantities at the right price

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