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Code : 2018/WC/DGT/02690 NSQF Level : Level 5 Notional Hours : 4120 Sector : Infrastructure

 Erects props and temporary structures to stabilize and support ship during, construction and repairs in shore. Aligns ship structure according to designed centre line and angle of declivity and plots and marks reference points and lines on building dock or way to maintain alignment of vessel during construction repairs, using transit, plumb bob, tapes and levels. Builds keel blocks, bilge blocks, cradles and shoring for supporting slip in dry dock, building docks etc. using power and hand wood-working tools. Positions and secures blocking and other structures on dock platform according to ship’s blueprints. Aligns vessel over blocks and establishes reference points and lines on ship’s hull for locating machinery and other equipment in accordance with ship’s alignment and shape.  

Code : 2019/CON/IESC/03128 NSQF Level : Level 4 Notional Hours : 120 Sector : Infrastructure

A skid steer loader operator drives and controls skid steer equipment. He uses the controls in the machine to dig, lift and dump construction materials above the base level of the machine. He is required to drive safely, regulate the speed and move the load from one place to another in compact places.

Code : 2018/CCM /DGT/02617 NSQF Level : Level 4 Notional Hours : 2580 Sector : Infrastructure

 Structural Welder fuses metal parts together using welding rod and oxygen acetylene flame or arc-welding power source and electrodes or gas flame or heating using flux and filler rods. Reads fabrication drawing, examines parts to be welded, cleans them and sets joints together with clamps ensuring safety measures. Joins metal pieces such as Steel, Stainless steel and Aluminium metals.

Code : 2015/CCM /IESC/00339 NSQF Level : Level 7 Notional Hours : 120 Sector : Infrastructure

Coordinates and supervises the activities of maintenance staff engaged in maintaining and repairing of infrastructure equipment used for activities such as construction, earth moving, transporting material etc.

Code : 2015/CCM /IESC/00338 NSQF Level : Level 7 Notional Hours : 120 Sector : Infrastructure

The Supervisor (Plant & Machinery) plans and schedules work related to equipment operations, allocates work to team members and guides till completion in line with safety, productivity and quality norms at the worksite. The Supervisor also maintains equipment operations related documentation, anchors interactions with stakeholders and assists the manager with P&M operations related matters to meet organizations objectives and customer's requirements.

Code : 2019/CON/IESC/03124 NSQF Level : Level 4 Notional Hours : 120 Sector : Infrastructure

A tower crane operator controls crane movements for loading and unloading of materials, equipment, machines, etc. at different heights on the worksite. They control the crane by responding to hand or radio signals by a supervisor or signalman.

Code : 2020/CON/IESC/3881 NSQF Level : Level 4 Notional Hours : 290 Sector : Infrastructure

Transit and Self -Loading Mixer operator drives and controls the mixer operations safely and as per schedule. He is responsible for loading the required quantity of aggregates, sand and cement as per the mix design into the drum and discharge the concrete to the desired location at the site after mixing the batched aggregates.

Code : 2015/CCM /IESC/00336 NSQF Level : Level 4 Notional Hours : 120 Sector : Infrastructure

A Tyre Mounted Crane Operator, operates a stationed crane to lift, move, position, and reposition loads. Responsible for operating Tele handler to move, locate, relocate, stack & count merchandise.

Code : 2015/AUT/IESC/00337 NSQF Level : Level 4 Notional Hours : 192 Sector : Infrastructure

A wheel loader operator operates the equipment for efficient transportation of loads to appropriate storage areas or trucks, minimizing contamination. He is also responsible for the maintenance of the equipment.